Friday, June 03, 2005

Discovery at Little Hog Island, part 32

Part 1, part 31

Dear Wendy,

I’m going to tell you about the ruins on Hog Island, Little Hog Island, that is, of course. Mr. Wadsworth (everyone calls him Raymie, but you know MY mom says that’s rude) assigned me the task of taking notes on everything. I’ll copy out the parts that we need for class later—I like telling everything to you, you’re the only one who really understands. Like about Rude and Billy and Gary and Glenn. Golly, they are all so cute. Everyone says Billy is the cutest. He is pretty cute. Blond and blue-eyed and so, SO sweet. I like Rude the best, but he likes Ami best and then Dorothy. I can tell by how he acts with them, batting his eyelashes like a girl. He’s so obvious, the way he follows them around, it makes me sick. Next best, I like Glenn, then Gary. Don’t get me wrong, I like Billy a lot, too. Gary is so smart. He helps me with PSSC physics. I’d never get it, or calculus, either, without his help.

Anyway, I’m getting off the topic, as usual, and into my favorite topic, which is boys. Boys boys boys. I’d like to kiss them all.

Well, not all of them, I wouldn’t want to kiss Clifford Masman. He’s so fat. Mom says I should like him anyway. He’s okay, but I really can’t get past his fat even though I know I should. Or Karl Heney, he’s such a creep, and he smells bad. I mean I’d kiss any of my boys. Rude, Glenn, Gary, Billy or Harlan Hardan. He’s pretty cute, too.

Darn it, there I go again. I’m supposed to be talking about the ruins. They are all made of rock, rock from Little Hog Island. Whoever made them spent a lot of time fitting them together very carefully. The walls that are still standing are thick and strong and secure. Well-built and stable. The ones that are collapsed probably did not fall down by themselves. That’s my opinion. I think something happened to them and I am actually interested to find out what. Wouldn’t Papa be surprised to hear me say I am interested in learning something related to school? He thinks all I want to do is talk on the phone and go to school dances and drink soda and eat brownies, but he’s wrong. It’s so annoying when grownups think they know what you’re thinking and they don’t.

I am going to drawn a map of the ruins. I wish I could climb up on something really high and take a picture, but the highest thing is the ruins themselves. Well, some of the trees around them are higher, but I can’t get up in them to get above the ruins, so let me try to draw them. Your friend forever, Rhee

PS: Billy and Gary have both taken to calling me Rhee, and I like it. Rude sometimes calls me Rhee-rhee. He says it in a special voice and it gives me the shivers.

Part 33

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