Monday, June 06, 2005

Discovery on Little Hog Island, Part 35

Part 1, Part 34

“If I remember right, you told me is was part of the PSSC Physics and Calculus deal with Gary, some sort of thank you for all his help, and that you hoped I’d understand because you’d love to go with me. Of course, I thought you were shrugging me off and didn’t like me.”

“I thought you liked Ami and Dorothy anyway.”

“I thought Ami was going with Billy Owens. Then I heard Dorothy was going with Billy Owens. I always thought you were cute. I asked you because I liked you.”

“Our mutual admiration society probably isn’t much fun for Dana.”

Dana was staring at the map Rheta had made of Little Hog Island, doing her best to ignore Rheta and Ross. She did get jealous easily and she felt as if Rheta were trying to horn in on her territory with Ross. But Ross had made no promises to her. She looked back at the map. “What’s this?” She asked, pointing.

“It’s a first people’s shell midden,” Rheta said. “And there were some projectile points there, too. I didn’t know what it was when I drew it; I just copied it off the old map. But someone before us had discovered a first people’s campsite, located right near the settlement.”


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